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All Change

All Change

Monday 24 April 17

As artists in residence we are continually on a journey, both mentally and physically.

We travel together by train from Charing Cross to Tunbridge Wells. We know the platform is not long enough for the train, yet on nearly every journey we take, we find ourselves in the wrong carriage!!

All Change

Our journey on arrival at Tunbridge Wells is a sharp left up the hill, with a quick catch up with Paul the cobbler on the left-hand side and then checking in with every charity shop en route. We drop into the Museum and Art Gallery to collect what we have been working on, and then head over to the Adult Education Centre.

Last week we had the pleasure of using the drawing room on the top floor of the Adult Education Centre. With the Easter break it allowed us access to this extraordinary space.  We arrive with boxes of stuff that are curious, disturbing, challenging and just as importantly they are all from Tunbridge Wells. There is the process of unpacking, revealing, exposing, relooking and engaging with the contents. This response shifts, as we forget pieces, get excited about re-frequenting ourselves with a piece and occasionally groan at an object we have no idea what to do with.

With history, time and space our perspectives shift and this reveals new qualities, disturbs the predictable and exposes new avenues of thinking. This is what the residency is about for us. With the time we have, we allow Tunbridge Wells to impact on us, our collaboration and our practice - and so far it is doing this above and beyond our expectations.


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