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Assorted Subbuteo figuresWhile most people have heard of the football game Subbuteo, few probably realise that this international game was invented in Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells.

Subbuteo was invented in 1947 by Peter Adolph from his home in Langton Green and the game continued to be manufactured in the Tunbridge Wells area until 1981.

The last 60 years have been a rollercoaster for Subbuteo. At its peak the game boasted 7 million players worldwide in 50 countries. However, sales slumped in the late 1990s and production ceased altogether in 2002. But Subbuteo refused to go away and Hasbro re-launched the game in March 2005 starting a new chapter in the story of Subbuteo.

This online exhibition charts the developement of Subbuteo from 1947 to 2005.

There are several themes for you to explore, as well as a timeline, and a forum for you to add your own Subbuteo stories.

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SUBBUTEO © 2009 Hasbro. Used with permission.


Subbuteo Summer School
A summer school held in Gillingham during August 2011.  Aimed at everybody interested in learning and taking up the Sport of (Subbuteo) Table Football.

Kent Invicta TFC
The home of Subbuteo in the South East of England