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100 Objects that made Kent

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The 100 Objects that made Kent is a web resource designed specifically for teachers wanting to discover more about Kent’s rich history. Enrich your curriculum and enhance your lessons by searching through the 100 objects that made Kent what it is today. They range from a mummified cat to the iconic Kent Spitfire.

Each of the objects had an impact on the fascinating history of the county we live in. You can learn about each of these objects on the website, as well as by visiting the museums that house them.

We’d be delighted to share our knowledge and collections with you, just look out for this display ticket or ask a member of staff.

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This information is perfectly suited to use in the classroom, for a truly immersive experience we believe it is best for you to come in for a visit as well. Kent is steeped in heritage and we think imparting this knowledge onto others will help to preserve the prestige that the 100 objects have added to Kent.

A Georgian dress is in the top 100. In Georgian times, Kent was a centre of fashion and society. The dress illustrates the type of attractive dress that would have been worn by visitors to Tunbridge Wells to show off while promenading on the Pantiles. According to contemporary guidebooks, “the general desire was to see and be seen.”

The dress is just one of the iconic objects in a project that allows teachers, pupils and anyone interested in Kent and Medway’s rich history to learn their story and explain where to see the real thing.

Georgian Dress

The resource enriches and enlivens the school curriculum with real objects from Kent’s past, and can be used both in the classroom and during museum visits.

The website allows you to search by time, period, subject or Key Stage.

Using the simple, user-friendly drop down menus, you can quickly discover some hidden gems. It’s free to use, so get exploring!

Explore the 100 objects that made Kent

“The website is really exciting and a great educational resource. It is easy to navigate through a whole wealth of information that links to the English National Curriculum. Through the search options it’s easy to find specific learning information – saving loads of time planning and resourcing lessons.

“For me in a KS1 class, it has saved hours of work and the children have been exposed to a range of quality and factual historic information with images. It is also a great place to support planning your next school trip – linked directly to your topic.”

David Lukehurst
Key Stage1 leader and class teacher at Hamstreet Primary Academy, Ashford